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Maya in her new home

We sold «Maya» to veterinarian Dr Jill Clark and she very happy with her puppy! She referral another doctor to us and he will buy puppy next week.






Hi Elena,
I got «Maya» from you two years ago, and love her dearly. Her new name is Clochette or Cloe for short. I LOVE my Frenchie! I tell so many people about you and your great puppies. She is absolutely wonderful. Full of joy, and super athletic which is what we wanted. I have attached a picture here of her at the dog beach in Huntington Beach. She is probably 28 lbs. Super sweet, and wants to please. I’m glad you and Dr. Fisher have found a potential new puppy for him. I will have some time tomorrow after 2:30pm to stop by and see the puppy for Dr.Steve.
Dr.Jill Clark


Felix (Champ) in his new home


Hi Elena,
Its been two years since we got Champ (Felix) from you! He is so big now. Everyone that sees him goes crazy. I’ve got alot of people asking for stud service wanted to know if you had any advise. Thank you!
Sonia contreras


Our puppy «Beauty» scored points in her first Dog Show!!!







Elena, I visited your website and was impressed with the 2 Red Female French Bulldog puppies you had on your web page as available. I purchased «Beauty» from you last year and she is become just that a very beautiful little Frenchie. «Beauty» is doing very well. She is turning into a beautiful dog with a very sweet personality. Scored points in her first Dog Show. Can you send me further info on the puppies and their parents? I am very interested in one of those two little ladies.
Best Regards,
Allan Routh


Bella in new home

We sold «Bella» to Tamara MacIlroy, she 16 month old right now) Tamara to send us her new pics, gorgeous girl!

bella_1Hello, Elena! My name is Tamara MacIlroy and we purchased a frenchie(her name is Bella) from you in sept 2011, she is our baby and we absolutely love her. Now we are starting to think we may want another… I was just wondering how old do the puppies need to be before we can see them? We are interested in the pure red fbella_2emale 4 weeks old, she doesn’t have a name on your website and is in a picture with her sister.

We were also interested in the 1 day old new litter, the red «female #1». And we also like the look of your miniatures, Tiny and Tinkerbell. Also curious about the picture with the four fawns who are 5-7 weeks and wondering if any of them are female and cost. Just trying to find out some information before we get too excited! Thank you, I’ve also included a couple pictures of Bella!
Thanks for the information!!!


Lacosta in her new home in California


Hi, Elena!lacosta1
Here is a picture of Lacosta and the kids. The kids named her Phoebe. She is spoiled rotten. We put a bed for her in our bathroom because we have a big space for her. She did not want to sleep in her bed. She slept beside us all night and got up at 7am. We love her to death in fact we have a party tonight and we don’t want to leave her alone at home so we are taking her with us. Thank you very much for the best puppy!



hugo1 hugo2

Hi Elena, Just wanted to give you an update on Marshal now his name is Hugo.

He’s doing great, he didn’t throw up after his shot on Thursday or Friday. This morning, no sneezing and he is full of energy, running around with his toys like a rabbit! He is eating like a little pig, just a handful of kibble 5 times a day, and his stools are firm. We couldn’t be happier with him, he has such a wonderful temperament and personality. You are the best vet Elena!
Thank you so much!


Dear Elena,
baxter1Thank you so much for saving my baby Baxters Life. I do not know what I would have done if I had not brought him to you. When first getting him he was a healthy puppy, but the paranoid mother I am took him to the Vet to make sure he was all healthy. They said that they should give him a de wormer even though I told them her already had one they said they just wanted to make sure, so they gave him another one. You later informed me that the de wormer they gave him was for puppies 16 weeks old which was to strong for his stomach and is what was causing his uncontrollable diarrhea and the blood. After bringing him to one Vet who gave him the de wormer he then started having the bloody diarrhea, which led me to take him to another Vet. This Vet then did test for Parvo and parasites, which he tested negative for all, and gave him antibiotic because I told them he has bloody diarrhea. He was on the antibiotic for almost a week and was not getting baxter2better, still had runny bloody stool.

I am so glad my mom suggested to call you to see if you know what was going on with Baxter. I am so thankful you were able to see him right away and you also knew right then what the problem was. You are the type of Vet that everyone should bring their dogs too, you knew exactly what medicine to give him to get him better and also took the time make his diet food for him every time I brought him over.

When I first brought him to you he was so skinny and had the bloody stool, after one day of being on the medicine he was already felling better and keeping his food in. Not only did you take the time to heal little Baxter you checked in frequently to see how he was doing, unlike the Vet I brought him to who still till this day has not gotten back to me after the numerous messages I left to her to see what was going on with Baxter. I am thankful beyond words for what you have done for my baby. You truly care about these animals and did all of this for Baxter out of the goodness of your heart and not for money. That is what sets you apart from all of the other Vets I have been dealing with. I am so happy to say little Baxter is all better know all thanks to You J.
Thank you so much!!!
Cecily Stewart and Baxter


Ray Ray, aka Temka in his new home in California

Hi Elena,
Happy Holidays! Just wanted to let you know that we took our beloved Ray-Ray (aka Temke) to our vet today and she was very pleased with his health and disposition. She told us we were lucky to own such a beautiful baby. We are so happy with him! He is super smart, sweet, funny, and friendly to everyone. His big sister, our miniature schaunazer Sasha, loves him too. They play together all day long and are so funny to watch. Thanks again for our beautiful boy, Ray Ray. Sincerely, The Cummins Family

Marcel in his new home in California

marcel1nHi Elena,Attached are a few pics of Marcel AKA Chippa. As you can tell, we are obsessedmarcel2n with him and love him very much. We are super happy with the puppy so far. Thank you again, he is a wonderful little puppy!
Megan & Homero

Ralph in his new home in Texas

ralph1Hello Elena, Let me start by THANKING you for been such a dedicated breeder of this wonderful babies. I believe many of us are scared when it comes to adding a new family member (Specially me, since I have 1yr old twins and an 8yr old girls). However, you have made ours the BEST EXPERIENCE! We didn’t just buy one of the BEST, you have been there to answer any questions a 1st time mother like me of a frenchie may have. ralph2You have been there every time I’ve tried contacting you, have answered all my questions and given me more information that I may need.

I have to add, that in the pass I was the owner of an English Bulldog and after the purchased was made I was NEVER again able to contact the breeder. I recommend you and your husband to any family trying to find or add a new member. We are so in LOVE with Mani (before was Ralph) he has adapted great to Texas weather, you gave him the best head start on «potty training» (making the rest of the training super easy! THANK YOU), and to add his temper with the girls is the BEST! They play like if he was just another baby in the house, when they cry he stays next to their crib, and if it’s nap time for the girls, is also nap time for him.

We love him very much and my husband reminds me daily of the GREAT CHOICE WE MADE. Thank you again for making us happier. We cant wait to add a new baby sometimes Jan-Feb 2013 and hopefully this time is the girl I have been dreaming of! All white with a patch on the eye! I want to thank you again for the dedication you apply to this job, and for the quality of little babies that you offer to families like ourselves. I sent you a few pictures on previews emails, let me know if your received them. If not, Ill be gladly to resend (:
Sincerely Munguia Family

Mariabella in her new home in California


stevie1Hi Elena, Attached are the vet check up papers within 3 days of purchasing Mariabella. stevie2We did change her name and she is now Stevie Nicks Kilian :) I have also attached some pictures for you — the first 2 are from the first couple of weeks we had her and the one in the sweater is from Christmas — she’s growing up!! Stevie is such an absolute joy and we get SO many compliments on her. We have referring people to you guys so hopefully you will get some new customers! I will continue to send updates and pics. Hope you had a nice holiday!
Zach, Briana, & Stevie Nicks Kilian


Titus in his new home in Los Angeles California

titus1Hi Elena, We are loving our Frenchie Titus! He is healthy and smart! We set up an area of our home just for training. We call it the training ground. Titus gets excited to learn and he loves to please us with his immediate response to commands! He turned 5 moths old yesterday and can sit, stay, lay down, stand, shake, roll over, play dead, spin, fetch, balance a treat on his nose, knows the names of his toys and can touch the items on command. He generally can learn a new skill in about 24 hours! But best of all, he is peaceful, sweet and lovable! I included his latest glamour shot!
Thank you so much!
Dawn Aberdeen


Black brindle boy in his new home in Anaheim, CA

b_brindle1Hi Elena,
«Black brindle boy» doing great.
Here is a pic from yesterday, he’s amazing :)
Thank you!



«Archie» now Gizmo in his new home in Hollywood, CA

Hello Elena!
We went right over to a great little pet shop down the street from me and bought him all his new puppy gear. They actually have a Vet at the store all day every Wednesday so we were lucky enough to get the check up that was required for the doctor to sign off on. I will get you that paperwork shortly. He’s very healthy, in great shape, no problems at all. We could move 5 feet in the store without people wanting to see him and take for of or even with him haha. He is such an amazing dog. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much.

Oh and here’s some photos of the little guy. I named him Gizmo

Sean Williams
Executive Producer

Here update with Archie-Gizmo. Gizmo’s just the best! I couldn’t be happier. I introduced Gizmo to my family and my other dog and they got along so well. My mother was like PLEASE let me know if you every ever need a baby sitter! Ha-ha-ha He is potty trained for the most part which I find incedible.. I bought this fake grass tray for Gizmo’s to to do his business on and it works 80% of the time! The other times he goes on this wee wee pad in this other corner on my living room. He is beginning to teeth a lot. Are there any specific toys you recommend to get for him for teething? I’ve been handing your cards out to everyone who «just has to have one!» I would love to write a success story of how much this little guy has changed my life in such a short period of time. As well as all these photos I have taken of him. :)
I can’t thank you enough!

Frenchie lover

My name is Chelsea. My good friend Richard Allen Dabbs referred me to you. He has little Princeton Alexander. He just turned one. He is such a funny sweet fella with quite a personality. I would love to look at the puppies you have available as Allen has said you were the best! I’m very eager to have a little one of my own. I’m currently in Las Vegas so driving over to you wouldn’t be a problem. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a blessed day. I attached a photo of Princeton just so you could see how handsome he has become.


SHOW BOY #2 now Augustus in his new home in California

augustus1 augustus2

Hi Elena, Just wanted to let you know Augustus (Show Boy #2) is doing fantastically well!
I took him to the vet today and she said he is in perfect condition (ill have the health guarantee scanned for you tomorrow). He loves his new house and loves me very much. Very little crying, and he rode home asleep all the way in the car in my arms. I’m Sending pictures! Thanks so much!!!


English bulldog puppy named Showman #2 in his new home in Oceanside, CA

kooper1 kooper2

Hi Elena!
We just recently purchases Showman #2 aka Kooper from you a few weeks ago and he has adjusted to our family and his girl friend Dixie very well.
He is happy and healthy thanks to you!
Thanks again for everything!
Chris & Ashley (Oceanside, CA)




Hi. I just wanted to send you this photo of Tripoli.


I bought him from you March 2011.  This was taken on a trip to Washington state.  He is such a joy to have around.

Thank you,
Cynthia Soto





Hi Elena,
    Just wanted to update you and your husband that tea cup girl 2 purchased July. 2013 she is doing well. Her name is Princess Fiona, Phi-Phi for short. Here are some pictures of her. My dad and I may be interested in purchasing another frenchie. If you have any older ones available please let me know.
Thank you,
Marlene Collister



Healthy & Socialized Puppies


**Conscientious breeder. Highly recommend.** We purchased a French Bulldog in Sept. 2013 from Championpups. Our little girl is the most ADORABLE French Bulldog I have ever seen. She is soo loving and she is very healthy. The breeder did a wonderful job with her before we got her and I can’t thank her enough for sharing her precious little one with us. The breeder knows everything about these dogs. She has the best and the most beautiful puppies. Plus they are very healthy. Yes, they are not cheap but they are the best and you will not be disappointed. Elena provides all information useful for keeping these puppies well trained and heathly as well. You can call her any time and she will give you the right advice. I highly recommend Championpups if you are looking for not just a pet, but an addition to your family. Nick & Diamond and baby Pearl(Bertha)




Showman is 26 pounds and very healthy! He is the JOY of our lives. His personally is amazing. He is VERY social, loves women, plays superbly with other dogs and is very well behaved.

He is two years old and we really want to give him a brother. He will be a great big brother to a young puppy.

On your web site I saw » Blue Boy Puppy » he has a Blue Eye like Showman. If it’s possible can you send me a couple of extra photos of him .

By the way, our experience with you has been Flawless! I promote your business with everyone who asks about Showman and that’s actually everyone he meets.

Thank you for your quick response.

Kevin from Texas and dog «Showman».unnamed (2) unnamed



 LADA IN HER NEW HOME IN Massachusetts .
She 3 years old now!
Hi Elena,
It was Brynn’s 3rd birthday last week on the 22nd. I thought I would send you a few photos so you can see how wonderful she is!
unnamed (1) unnamed
She has grown into a beautiful, healthy, sweet, very strong girl. She has such a happy disposition…she makes me laugh and smile everyday!
I moved back to Massachusetts from California because my father has Parkinson’s disease and needs 24hr care and Brynn has been so therapeutic for him :-) I added a picture of her below in my Father’s lap.
She TRULY is AMAZING and I thought you might like to now :-)
Thank you for bringing her into my life!!!!
Hope things are well for you!

Blue color female named Penelope

aka  Penny

in her new home !

cd326f7d-47a1-483c-8886-7e9ab16ffb59  30a34bde-d1f5-48f2-aa18-8f4597606c60

Hi Elena,

I wanted to just send you some photos and update you on Penelope aka  Penny! This is Nuggets sister who I purchased from you roughly 7-8 weeks ago if you recall. She’s doing amazing, she’s growing up so fast but definitely a character we have on our hands!

I have to admit she’s come to be a very beautiful looking blue frenchy. Her attributes are almost perfect.  We can’t even walk the mall or the streets with Penelope without people stopping us every 2 minutes to comment on how amazing she looks.

Her attitude is amazing, she was potty trained within 72 hours, we’ve thought her to sit, lay, jump, turn, stay and much more within weeks. She’s uber smart for a 4.5mo puppy. Lastly We’re getting use to her snoring finally!!! We are now considering getting her a frenchy brother :)



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