About us



My name is Elena.

I have two degrees,a Master of Science in Veterinary Medicine

from  Veterinary  University  Academy  from Ukraine


Master degree of Music from the Odessa Conservatory.

I am not a licensed veterinarian in California


in United States !

Before moving to the United States,I was qualified to practice as a veterinarian in Europe
and I was a co-owner of my clinic with my sister Olga.
Olga worked with me at the clinic.
Olga graduated the University of Veterinary Medicine in Europe.

My niece handler, you can see her picture on a front page magazine on my website with my male my stud, he is huge champion many countries all this world! I have seen, that the people love my puppies and with pleasure buy from us puppies! First I could not understand why they bought sooooooo many puppies from me and my family??? Then I have understood… Because my French and English bulldogs short on the body with big chest, brawny with the big head, it is a lot of wrinkles and the most important my puppies healthy!!! All my buyers are happy also many have bought already the second puppy from us. And you probably know that — french bulldog come from France and English bulldog original from England not from US! French and English bulldog are not pets overseas, we are breed so we can show them. They look like real Frenches and real English a lot of mass and good conformation. Good breeders take pride in there dogs as they want to win all events. Our champions are not 25 pups later.

Many breeders here in the US are greedy they breed the same pup as many times as they can. This leads to many health problems and they French not look like french, they look like Boston terrier, English not look like English and look like OLD ENGLISH bulldog! They do not care as you are the one that is now attached to this pup. You will pay whatever it takes as you love this pup. We feels that you should only breed a dog two times with a rest between litters. Doing this we feel that you are now buying a pup that has a champion in the top generation. This pup will look like the parents and also have a strong bloodline.

All my pups have very strong champion blood line! After you see our pups click into the SATISFIED CUSTOMERS page and page SOLD PUPPIES also SHOW AND COMPETITION page and read all this references from our past buyers, look at the pups as they have grown up. You may contact any one of them as to us and our pups. People here really love there pets. Some do also want to show their pups too. Thank you very much and I hope you will buy puppy from my kennel and be happy with my pup!






Three Lessons — Unveiling Three Valuable Secrets for Purchase!

Discover the art of nurturing your French Bulldog, whether a puppy or an adult, through our expert guidance.

With an impressive 32 years of experience as French Bulldog specialists, we are uniquely positioned to provide invaluable insights.

Our primary goal is to extend our assistance to you, irrespective of your decision to acquire a puppy from an alternative source. As accomplished veterinarians specializing in French and English Bulldogs, our knowledge spans three decades. We focus exclusively on these breeds, surpassing even the knowledge of general veterinarians. This specialization is vital as traditional veterinarians often cater to a diverse array of animals, which may hinder their ability to provide tailored guidance for a single breed.

Numerous individuals remain unaware of optimal feeding practices for their Frenchies or English Bulldogs, both before and after the six-month mark. The intricacies of vitamin supplementation, appropriate shampoos, bathing techniques, and proper walking routines are often overlooked.

Lesson #1:

Mastering Feeding, Grooming, Vitamins, and Nutrition for a Shed-Free Coat

Attain and maintain a beautiful, non-shedding coat
Ensure lifelong dental whiteness
Eradicate tear stains

Lesson #2:

Building Enduring Hip and Knee Strength

Implement strategies for lifelong hip and knee health
Establish safe outdoor walking practices
Safeguard against joint strain from jumping and stair navigation
Self-train your French or English Bulldog without the necessity of formal classes or trainers

Lesson #3:

Comprehensive 5-Page Recommendations

Skin vaccination guidelines
Parvo vaccination insights
Rabies vaccination protocols
Lepto and Lyme vaccination considerations

Each lesson is priced at $250.

However, choosing to enroll in all three lessons enables you to access

a discounted

package at $600,

presenting substantial value.

Should you require further assistance,

please do not hesitate to contact us via text or phone at 310-686-7801.

Thank you for considering our services.