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American express,Discover,

any debit cards,

also wire transfer bank to bank,

cash $100 discount











f_1y_b   m_1y_b

My blue frenchies: Elizavetta,

Anastasia, Diesel and Armani                                           Armani and Tanita


m_7m_b 1_006

              DIESEL                                                                                DIESEL
daddy of pups                                                                                    2nd photo

m_18m_b  1_002

                   ARMANI                                                                                   ARMANI
daddy of pups                                                                            2nd photo


f_8m_b_002  1_010

                       ELISAVETA                                                         ELISAVETA
mom of pups                                                               2nd photo


f_8m_b  1_016

                             ANASTASIA                                                            ANASTASIA
mom of pups                                                               2nd photo




named Armani ,


female named Beauty

This is first litter of Beauty,she already 4 years old

We have 5 females and 3 males.

We will do new better pictures of each one soon.

If you want to reserve one puppy — we can put on hold for you.

Deposit $500.

Soon as you put deposit you have a chance to see them all,but only from the window.

They do not have any shots yet and very dangerous to let people touch them.

First shot will be at 8 weeks old,

second shot will be at 10 weeks old and you can take puppy home by then.

Only serious people please.

Price for each $5000



Come with papers.







Price $5000

This stunning little doll is Blue pied boy. He is blue/white pied color French bulldog male. He has a very compact body with short, sturdy legs and a broad chest. Blue pied male is a very happy, outgoing little boy. He is always ready to play and loves to explore outside when the weather is nice. He loves to show off to get your attention. His silly antics are sure to brighten up your day. He loves to play with his littermates and to follow you around the house. After a long, fun day he loves to curl up with you on the couch and watch TV until he falls asleep. Make the call and this little doll can be yours!

Blue pied French bulldog male, available,price $5000

Blue pied boy have blue eyes and very beautiful blue color

Blue pied boy have the best personality, he loves kids and other animals

Blue pied boy have cobby chunky body and big head with huge ears






My blue french bulldog puppies,
Beauty’s (my blue pied female) FIRST litter,7 weeks old tomorrow,they still eat mom’s milk.
I want to make them strong and healthy. Usual if mom have first litter — puppies super healthy and will live veryyyy long life.
Two males already reserved with deposits ,5 females and 1 male left.
Hurry! Reserve your puppy!
They will be ready in a three weeks to new home.
Please text or call me at 310-686-7801












We accept any kind of payment
(credit card, debit card, transfer bank to bank and etc.)

You buy a puppy from veterinarians, not just from simple breeders, it gives you a guarantee to buy only a healthy puppy!

You will have discount for any puppy you buy if you pay the whole amount in advance instead of leaving deposit.





Solid blue sire and blue/white mom. Puppies have very short flat faces, compact body’s, the best looking. This little angels will be ready to new home in a 3 more weeks. Please only serious buyers.

m_3w_b 1_009

                                     SOLD                                         SOLD

3_004  2_011

                                     AVAILABLE                                                      AVAILABLE


New pictures of my blue litter

We have three boys left. They ready now, have two vaccinations and twice dewormed.
Pups 16 weeks old now.

m_16w_b_002  1_028

                                    SOLD                                               SOLD


m_16w_b  1_026

                  Blue male #1                                                            Blue male #1

RESERVED FOR US                                                    2nd photo


2_013  1_004

                     Blue female #1                                                                 Blue female #1

sold to Tamara MacIlroy from CA                             2nd photo


m_16w_b_003  1_017

                          Blue/white male #1                                                 Blue/white male #1

RESERVED FOR US                                                         2nd photo


m_16w_b_004  1_031

                      Blue/white male #2                                          Blue/white male #2

sold to veterinarian doctor Steve Fisher from Arizona         2nd photo

m_16w_b_005  1

                            Blue/white male #3                                                  Blue/white male #3

                 sold to Carlos from Argentina                           2nd photo